Customized Pet Products

Cute Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses

Do you have a small to medium breed dog? We have handpicked these items ourselves and LOVE them. There are several different designs that are appropriate for all times of the year. You will love these products when you take your dog out for a stroll.

Great Buy For Your Dog!

You Might Also Like Our Pet/Animal Themed T-Shirts and Hoodies

All of our animal/pet themed t-shirts are manufactured here in the United States and ship quickly. We have t-shirts and pets that honor the cause of animal rescues. We also have fun shirts/hoodies that are great for a wide variety of different occasions.

Popular product for pet owners!

Cute Bandanas For Your Furry Friend

These cute pet bandanas are a win any time of year. Pick from different stylish designs for every season of the year. These are made of cotton and ship to you quickly.

Make your pet SUPER cute after they are groomed.


"I ordered a dog head pillow from My 4Ever Pet for my daughter for Christmas. It was worth the wait as it was done beautifully. The pillow was an exact likeness of her pet. Thank you My 4Ever Pet!"

--Andrew Morton, Minneapolis

"The photo dog tag is a perfect gift for any occasion. I lost my dog a while back, and someone was able to identify my pet from the lost photo because I used the same photo on the photo as their dog tag. They were able to get my dog back to me because of this tag."

Sandy Kinseller, Oregon

"Thank you for the beautiful pet backpack. I use this whenever I take my dog out of the house for the weekend."

Eric Allcutt, Florida