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Dog Houses and Kennels

A good dog kennel and crate are essential to training your pet. Along with your leash and collar, your crate and kennel are going to be the best equipment for training your dog. Many people don’t know how to use these essential pieces of equipment correctly. In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to use your crate and kennel to get your dog a balance of time away from you.

Attended Time Versus Unattended Time

Attended time is when your dog is on the leash with you. He can be sitting on the couch or you can be working with him on leash work. This is the time of the day that your dog spends with you. We recommend about 15 minutes of attended time every hour when you are working with him throughout the day. If you are working at home or doing work around the house, there is an 8-hour block when you should be aware of your dog. We recommend 15 minutes of attended time when you have your dog on the leash and for the 45 minutes he’s not with you during an hour block, he is in his kennel for unattended time.

For unattended time, you need a good crate or a kennel. What is the difference between a crate and a kennel? A crate is a smaller type of containment equipment that you put your dog in when they are inside for their unattended time. A kennel is a larger structure that you keep outside for your dog. Dogs need some time outside every day. So if you have a block of time, you should put your dog outside in the kennel, with food and water, so they can do the things that dogs do.

Your Crate and Kennel Are NOT for Time Out

When you put your dog in the crate or kennel, you need to not put them there as punishment. If your dog is acting out, you can call their crate or kennel their “house” or something a little bit less intimidating. We all need a break from our pet. And when they are acting out, say “House,” just one word to get them to realize that they need to go into their house.

What You Need To Get Your Dog To Do When They Come Out of the Crate or Kennel

There are two ways that you can train your dog to come out of their crate or kennel. You can say their name or use a hand signal. If they come out of the crate or kennel when you open the door, shut the door softly to make them realize that they don’t have your permission and say, “No.” Then repeat the exercise until the dog stays. Then use the desired method to get them to come out of their crate or kennel.

What Should You Keep In Your Dog’s Crate Or Kennel

We recommend avoiding certain types of things in your crate or kennel. You should not put any plush or stuffed animals in your crate or kennel because your dog should not be able to chew anything up, which could result in a $1,000 vet bill. Sometimes, certain beds can also have this problem. We also recommend keeping a hard Nylabone in your kennel for your dog to chew on.

Your dog crate or kennel should have: food, water, hard chew toys, and other items that your dog can’t choke on or chew up. We also recommend having a cover for your crate so that you can train your dog to sleep in it at night.

Should I Crate Up My Dog At Night?

Most trainers will recommend that you do NOT sleep with your dog in your bed at night. They can get spooked, might have a hard time sleeping, or could chew on things in your room. You can, however, elect to keep your dog in your crate in your bedroom.