Luxury Pet Cosmetics

Luxury Pet Cosmetics

There are so many dog shampoos and conditioners out there. Which ones do you choose from? We’ve asked our pet veterinary and dog training experts and they recommend earthbath®. Earthbath® has been providing premium, luxury pet cosmetic (shampoos, conditioners) since 1995. In the early 1990s, there were not a lot of good pet shampoos and conditioners out there that were safe, effective, and made from premium ingredients. Let’s look a little bit at earthbath® and see why these are premium pet shampoos and conditioners.

Luxury Pet Shampoos Tested On People, Not Animals

The thing that we like about earthbath® is that the shampoos and conditioners are tested on people, not pets. Before the products are crafted and sold, the CEO tests them out himself. This means we know how well they foam, how much water it takes to rinse, and how long the scent lasts (with the exception of the scent-free products).

Organic Ingredients Include Aloe, Oatmeal, and More

We like the fact that these products include organic ingredients. This means that no harmful chemicals are included when they are made. They are safe for people and therefore they are safe for pets. These products are also made cruelty-free, which means no animals are ever harmed when the product is manufactured and that they are made from natural ingredients and contain NO animal byproducts, like many soaps and cleaners that are out there.

What’s the Reputation of earthbath®?

The company that makes earthbath®, Tiny Tots Dog Grooming, has an A+ reputation with the BBB, which is impressive, considering they have 0 complaints. This makes this product a highly recommended shampoo and conditioner set. Also, the products are highly reviewed on Amazon from the various companies that sell it. Also, we are proud to have the highest-reviewed products featured on the website.