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Mighty Paw Harnesses and Collars

Mighty Paw, by and far, is the best provider of training equipment for your dog. Dog trainers have used Martingale collars for years and the harnesses from Mighty Paw are trainer-approved equipment. In this article, we are going to tell you a little bit about how you can get the most out of your Mighty Paw equipment and some training tips. Please note that we suggest working with a professional dog trainer before taking on this task yourself.

Mighty Paw As a Company

Mighty Paw is an American company that sells the best equipment for your pet. This is a small family-owned business that is based out of Rochester, New York. They make everything from leashes, to harnesses, to Martingale collars. Many of Mighty Paw’s products, on Amazon, have 4+ star reviews and many products are 5-star reviews.


Trainer Approved Dog Collars and Harnesses

We particularly like the Martingale collar put out by Mighty Paw. Martingale collars are useful for pet owners because they are a safe way to control your dog. They have a chain that expands the length of the collar around your pet’s neck. When your dog is being rambunctious during a walk, you can tug softly on your leash and the collar tightens. Martingale collars are safer than choke collars because they do not actually choke your pet.

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Training Your Dog With a Mighty Paw Collar or Harness

When picking your dog trainer, make sure that you interview them and ask them how they advise you on training your pet. Here is how a professional trainer should use a Martingale collar with a medium- to large-breed dog:

  1. Some trainers will recommend having the dog out on the leash whenever it is out of its kennel.
  2. Your trainer will probably recommend spending about 15 minutes per day every hour for 8 hours training your pet on the leash doing leash work.
  3. You will pull softly on the leash and say “No,” when your dog does something they are not supposed to do.
  4. Always give your dog praise after they resolve the inappropriate behavior.
  5. Always love your dog. The training with the Martingale collar will test your patience some days.

History of the Martingale Collar

The Martingale collar was designed to be a more humane alternative to a choke collar and as originally used on sighthounds. In recent years, the Martingale collar has become a popular tool for dog trainers as a training implement to bring obedience in a humane manner.