Personalized Pet Products & Accessories

Personalized Pet Products & Accessories

These pet products are truly unique. They include a canvas, bluetooth speaker, and wireless phone charter. These products ship fast and have free shipping. These make great Christmas and birthday gifts. 

How To Order These Products

  1. Pick one of the products below that you would like to order.
  2. When you go into the product, click on "personalize" after selecting the options that you want.
  3. You will be asked to upload a photo. You will then have the option of resizing the photo as you'd like.
  4. You will then see the add-to-cart button when you are done.

Note: We recommend completing your purchase on desktop or with your smartphone hooked to Wi-Fi to make your checkout speed faster. Our customization app does not work super fast on mobile. 

Customized Wall Art

We do have customized wall art available for you! However, we have to process through our print shop in a different way. Here are the different options that are available:

  1. 3-Panel Pet Canvas (Available for Under $100) 
  2. Square Panel Pet Canvas (Available for Under $100) 
  3. Rectangle Pet Canvas (Available for Under $100)

To get customized wall art, simply go to this page and upload a high-resolution photo of your pet. We'll send you a custom proof that will let you pay online and we'll be able to get your products for you fast