About Us – My 4Ever Pet

About Us

My 4Ever Pet was formed with the premise of giving pet owners everything they could possibly need to celebrate their love of their furry friends. At first, we thought we'd try and bring owners pet supplies, clothes, and more. Over time, we saw the need for personalized pet products. We wanted to help people celebrate their love of pets and animals. This led us to bring you even more diverse products. These include animal metal wall art, personalized pet products, like bluetooth speakers, and even cute animal t-shirts to celebrate the holidays. 

One of the things that we saw in the industry is that pet products are not of the highest pet quality. We also saw that some pet products are prohibitively expensive. This led us to find affordable, high quality pet products. 

If you want to learn more about our products, please feel free to browse our products or send us an email. We also have monthly pet contests. We post these on Facebook. We will give away a gift each month that you might like. For example, we have given away $150 shopping sprees to our store, as well as unique gifts from our store.